I Am Looking For A Surgeon To Decrow My Rooster

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Oct 1, 2020
I am with the OP on this one. There is no money in it is why vets don't do it...I would think. Who is going to pay $300 to decrow a roo they paid $5 for as a chick? Not many. I have 2 roosters...rarer types...Svart Hona and Serama---and have fairly close neighbors. I AM allowed to have roosters here, BUT---for my neighbors consideration...would gladly pay $300 a bird to have it done, BUT---no vets do it in Ohio. Darn. The procedure is not 100% successful either. So..my only option for a more quiet rooster is to use the collars. Nice...I'll just choke my bird to death..NOT. Tried the collars, they are not for my birds. Too dangerous. SO---because I'd decrow my roosters surgically...and not willing to use a collar...am I a bad chicken owner??
Can you tell me the name of the vet and the number ASAP!
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