I want to see your backyard set up


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Mar 1, 2010
I'm looking for ideas about how to place the coop in relation to the house, kids play areas, garden, etc, and everyone has great closeups of their birds or coops, but I want to see the big picture. Zoom out and show me your whole yard! (and tell me how many chickens you keep in it)

Mine is an existing building next to my house and my set up is changing this year. The big shed is where I currently keep my chickens, and the little shed is where my ducks currently reside. By this time next year my chickens will have their own chicken palace down the end of the garden further away from the house, my goats will have moved into the current chicken house, and my ducks will be living in a moveable coop. I am standing where the house is.


I have 9 chickens right now and 3 ducks, but this time next year i'll have 11 chickens and 5 ducks. My chicken and duck houses are currently in my front/side yard because we don't really have a backyard (taken up by a septic tank and well). Next year my chicken palace will be down the end of the side yard, beyond where the duck house is. And since my duck house will be on wheels, it'll be everywheeerree.
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