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    This week we had a predator invade our coop and killed 6 of our 9 chickens. Two survived unscathed and one is really struggling. The injured chicken, is now inside the house resting. I don't see any visible puncture wounds, but she did have blood around her neck. I've trimmed her feather to get a better look, I've cleaned her with hydrogen peroxide and have been using a chicken wound spray around her neck. She will drink a bit if we dip her beak, but she won't eat. Her neck is in a very odd position and she's looking up. Could her neck be broken? Help! We just don't know what to do to help her! [​IMG]
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    She has wry neck (torticolis, crook neck) probably from her injury to her head or neck. You will need to give her vitamins (especially E and thiamine) and selenium found in egg, tuna, and sunflower kernels. Only a small amount is needed. Keep her calm or separated if the others are pecking her. two to three times a day, wrap her up in a towel, and try to feed her from a bowl of wet chicken feed with some raw or cooked egg added. Hopefully, she will begin to feel better. There is no timetable on recovery. I hope she does okay. Here is some reading about wry neck:

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