Irresponsible neighbor and his roaming chickens

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by chickeneighbor, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Yes I do. My point is they are dangerous and the owners responsibility to keep confined.
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    This thread has gone off the path.
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    More than once, but there has been some helpful, interesting information shared.

    Regarding fence in vs. fence out laws, I would think that one would also need to research what kind of animals are included in fence out states. Just large livestock, or is it OK for my neighbor to let their dog run wild, and I am responsible for fencing it out, too? Are chickens livestock to be kept out, or pets who’s owners need to keep in? These are just a few things that have gone through my mind.
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    When you have extremely vulnerable animals like chickens and rabbits, the small animal owner needs to have more invested in protections even when threats are owned by someone else. Failing to invest in at least some level of exclosure has potential for being classified as neglect like would be considered without providing protections from the weather.
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  5. My husband and I own property on ranchland that is historically free range. And it still is. So if we don't want beef cattle overrunning our place it is our responsibility to fence them out. I think this ia western kinda thing. We only camp there but if we lived there I'd be out with gloves and wire pullers.
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    It’s also interesting in that there is a blurring of the lines between pets and livestock now when it comes to chickens. I think this has a lot to do with where these issues arise. Many people are keeping them now as pets, or in a pet like manner. And when these sorts of fence issues come up here, like this question, it is perhaps in a suburban or only semi-rural area?

    It poses an entirely different set of problems when we start looking at city lots, which is why city chicken laws are often so restrictive in numbers and regarding Roo’s. There are also many people now moving to semi rural areas with idealistic pictures of pristine little homesteads, and very little knowledge or experience when it comes to livestock. Which can be a huge shock when someone treats their flock as merely livestock or someone sees a feedlot for the first time!

    Also, as pointed out so well by @centrarchid , the majority of poultry keepers voluntarily decide to fence their animals in (often very heavily) for their own protection. Just look at the debate over truly free ranging vs a nice secure run or the like. They are extremely vulnerable small prey animals, after all!

    IMO Step 1 should always be put up your own fence, and take responsibility for excluding all undesirables (chickens or neighbors) from your property. Step 2 is find out where your local laws stand on it. Step 3 is based on step 2’s results. There are always going to be bad neighbors out there. The situation with him killing the chicken in front of the child seems very extreme and should probably be in violation of some other local ordinances...
  7. Eat them.

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