It's silly, but reassure me about this armadillo please


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Nov 9, 2007
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Late last night DH took our german shepherds out for a potty break. Not five minutes after they went out I heard DH hollering at Jax to "leave it!". There was so much commotion that I ran outside, sure that Jax had again found the skunk he had a run in with last week.
I get out there and DH tells me that Jax has gotten ahold of our resident 'dillo. The dillo was trapped in a corner of the front yard, far from his burrow in the backyard. While DH took care of getting the dogs in the house I went over with a stick to chase the dillo out of the yard. Jax had torn the poor things back "armor", not bad but it was bloody; also his ear. The dillo was squeaking in a pitiful way.

I have been feeling bad for the armadillo ever since. I know most folks consider them a nuisance, but really he's not doing any harm by living under an outbuilding in our backyard. Sure they tear up lawns, but they also eat grubs that destroy a lawn. Besides, we live in the country and it's not like we're going for the Better Homes and Gardens award for best looking lawn.

So I know it's silly, but please tell me that a dillo can survive a dog attack.
If I didn't see the funny little creature wandering around in the backyard each night I'd be sad.
I know exactly how you feel. I think wild animals have the ability to heal so much better than domestic ones. I'm sure he's fine and decided one run with the dog was enough and packed his bags and relocated.
I watched an armadillo dig into a huge fire ant mound once...I was grinning to myself thinking....heheheh, this is gonna be fun! The armadillo dug right in the middle of it, I guess he was going after the larva. Every now and then he would shake his head side to side and I knew those ants were tearing him up, but he just kept digging and eating. A few minutes later I knew the ants most likely had him covered head to toe because he was now constantly shaking his head. He relented and finally took off running into the woods. I think if an armadillo can survive all those fire ants, your "pet" armadillo will survive a dog attack. You might not see him for several nights...but he'll be back.

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