Kitten names suggestions??

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Jul 13, 2016
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My friends cat is gonna have kittens, we are hoping there are only three, because we don't think she could look after more than four because she is small and never been a mom before, she turned a year in May.
Her name is Layla!
What happened was my friend let her outside after two weeks of staying in the house (because they just moved) they knew there was a tom cat around but they thought he had been "done" because there was no smell about of territory stuff, well anyway she was in heat........she went missing for two hours....yeah....;)
Anyway......where were we???? Oh yes....kittens....anyway the result is now she IS pregnant....
We are gonna be really prepared......and she is going away like two days after the kits are born :barnie:he:( she is soooo sad!
She says i can give them LOTS of TLC :celebrate to tame them for her and if Layla rejects one, i will learn how to syringe feed it, and I'm gonna name everyone but one (but she has to agree to the names) :thumbsup
So.... any names you guys and girls could recommend? ;)
Thanks in advance! Any tips for birthing, taming and etc.....would be greatly grateful lol! xxx :frow;):wee:ya:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate POST!!! Thanks! xx:eek::pop:caf

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