Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Blooie, Mar 4, 2015.

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    We can follow Katie's rule! animal names it is! You already have "Bumblebee" so I guess insect names are okay. I kind of like the name "Moth" for the first light Brahma.
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    Here are some names that my little Roo picked out


    Can you tell she is 3 and likes the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2?!
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    Would 1/4 inch hardware cloth with a heavier wire frame work? I have 4 inch stucco wire for the curve, and the hardware cloth for the covering.

    A quilted Terry pad, the stretch & seal, and will be using straw over the whole thing.

    The idea is awesome! Heat lamps have been a necessary evil. Mama Pad is our new broody. Thank you so much...
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    Just recently a chick got caught up in the wire, between the frame and pad I think, and injured his/her little foot, poor little thing. I think if you are going to use 4 inch wire you should be okay, especially if you put the hardware cloth on the inside of the frame. You could attach it with simple zip ties. Beekissed puts her heating pad on the inside of the frame, secured with bungee cords. There is a picture of how she did that on this thread....I think it's around page 56 or so. I could look it up if it would help. We have so many helpful and smart folks on here that I'm sure if they see a problem with your setup they'll chime in. I'm kinda learning as I go.

    I think this entire system makes sooo much sense! I think you'll be pleased, and the chicks will be so content! A lot of people have gone before us, and we sure owe them a huge debt. And, as always, pictures please!!!! Pics of your setup before the chicks arrive would be great so if we do see something we can point it out beforehand! Welcome to your new position - broody hen!!
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    Thanks, yeah Blooie really doesn't want to listen to me go on about horses and I can go on about them!
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    Of course thank you for this thread. I am needing to update my album with pics of the wire rack now. I am having to problem solve tomorrow, need to raise the rack up some so all can fit under the rack easier. They seem to be growing like weeds but they are a barnyard mix with a BO as the dad so some seem huge to me at three weeks already. Others are dainty just like our EE.

    Oh and as far as names go, some breeds are easier to tell apart, I absolutely agree with this statement. Thus 4/5 of our EE have names, whereas only 1/4 of our barred rocks have a name, 1/5 of our Delaware, etc....we have 23 birds maybe 10 are named.
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    Sorry to hear Sunny did not make, glad the others are doing good.

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