Millie roo and two bantam brahma hens in need of new home Sonoma County CA


Jul 16, 2017
Hello, unfortunately I have to get rehome my small flock due to a noise complaint. There is a d'uccle Mille fleur rooster who is very sweet and comes to his name Freckles, and loves and protects his two girls. The smallest hen, a dark bantam brahma, Stuffers is the matriarch and smallest of the bunch she loves to dig little holes and give herself a dirt bath and zucchini, I mean she really loves zucchini! Last but not least Biscuit, a buff Brahma hen we had recently added to the flock is a little shy still but a sweet girl who makes some of the sweetest cooing sounds. All three are about 4 months old, the two hens about to start laying, and have all been treated for Merrick's. I would like for all three to go together as they've become attached to each other. The rooster is no crow collar trained, I would have the collar, and some feed to go with them. We live in Sonoma county, California, and hope to hear from you soon!

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