my chick needs lots of help fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 5, 2013
i have a BIG issue.
my chicken egg was having trouble hatching so i started peeling the shell but i accidentally pulled back part of the membrane!!!!!!!! now the chicken egg is bleeding and leaking some wierd yellow goo!!!!! he is still peeping but is dying. what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even if you only know a bit every part will count.
thanks for the help


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Cover the egg with a lightly moistened towel. The chick was NOT ready to hatch. Hopefully blood vessels and yolk will be absorbed and the membranes will not shrink wrap.


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Jul 24, 2013
If I were you, I would try to clot the bleeding area by laying a slightly moist paper towel over it and leaving the egg alone. I suppose you could also try putting some cornstarch or styptic powder on the ruptured blood vessel(s), too. The most important thing is to stop the bleeding; hatching chicks can and sometimes do lose blood when hatching, but if it loses a lot, it will get extremely weak.

For future reference, don't help a chick out of the egg until you have waited 12-24 hours, or it seems to be in really bad trouble. If the chick had been ready to come out, most of the blood vessels would have receded.

Good luck with it! I've had several chicks that I helped out of the egg. One or two weren't quite ready, and bled what seemed to me to be a lot, but all of them are alive and well today.

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