My Roo and then other girls attacked my poor BO hen :( Wtd?

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  1. Mama2B&D&...Chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Plant City, FL.
    Roo Roo has always abused Ellie but she just takes the beating and trys to stay away from him...we only have 6 girls 1 boy but today he was mounting her SO rough he apparently drew blood on her comb and it was ON! They all jumped on her and attacked her with him being the worse [​IMG]

    I'm ready to craigslist him and i seperated her from the rest--put her on the other side of our fence to rest and cleaned her comb (top was almost hanging) and put blue kote on...

    she really wants to be over with them still but i know they'll just continue to pick on her! BUT i also know the longer i keep her away, the more there gonna pick on her getting back after healin too...she is also walking wobblier than normal...she's actually always been clumsy and really rEAlly just breaks my heart and im not sure what to do...can anyone lend some advice? Thank you!!!
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    May 8, 2010
    I think it's wise to keep her separate but where the others can see her until she has fully recovered. If she has any open wounds, they will keep picking at it.

    I've noticed with my broodies that if a mama gets in a fight with one hen, others will jump in. Maybe it's a similar thing happening in your case. I think there's a good chance that rehoming the roo will solve your problem.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I have a pretty hen who was being picked on. The old matriarch hen who was pursued the most by our roo wanted to divert attention away from herself by attacking this pretty hen. The roo would join in the action by mounting the pretty hen. The other hens joined in the attacking. It was mount-attack, attack-mount all day long. The pretty girl was terrified. I was having to get up every morning when I'd hear her cries.

    I put some of that no pick type tar on her comb. It helped a little. The others did not like the taste of it. I took this hen aside every day and in front of the others, treated her to special treats like bits of grape. (I'm building her strength but at the same time there's a little spite there.) I'd actually take a swat at the bullies now and then or go after them with a broom. Someone here mentioned increasing the protein in their diet and the picking would stop. I have to say this worked better than anything. I fed them hardboiled eggs and maybe a little cat food every day or two.

    I also made improvements to their run and house. More room, cleaner and more interesting, better shading. I think this helped some too. Sometimes they start this behavior up out of stress I believe. My pretty hen lost some of her lower eyelid. She was limping and almost in shock at times. I had a broody pen that I'd let her have for the day at least so she could feel safe and recover. Sometimes I'd stick a friend in there to keep her company. I almost sectioned off part of the run and the house for her.

    It took a long time for her to stop running from the others and making that nervous little cluck cluck sound. I think the longer it goes on the longer it takes to bring back their confidence. She's great now. A beautiful, healthy RIR specimin if I've ever seen one. I'd work on building your hen's strength, make sure food and water are available at more than one location, separate her during the day, feed all more protein for at least the short term and oh, another thing, having them free ranging together will eventually bring them back together.

    Maybe take your girl on a bug hunt. Carry her around from place to place and find bugs for her to eat.
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    Aug 4, 2008
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    I think you will find that having more hens to one rooster will also help. One rooster to 6 hens is apparently not enough for your boy. Studies have shown that one healthy young rooster can keep the fertility up for 25 hens!! Documented in yellow paperback 'Guide to better Hatching" 25 hens! WOW. I took a serious look at my hen to roo ratio after reading that, and confirming it with other texts. (it also gave me a good excuse to get more girls [​IMG])

    Sadly, she will be on the bottom of the pecking order always, she is just a sweetie, and will need all the extras you can give her.
    Good Luck!
  5. chkn

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    Jun 27, 2010
    BTW, when they are out free ranging, you may be able to leave your girl out. She'll probably stick close to home for awhile but eventually she will join the others.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Quote:Yes, I've noticed the less hens, the more stressed the rooster becomes. I'd say 5-6 hens was really a 'flash point' in my chicken house.
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    Sep 6, 2007
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    More hens sounds good.

    Who roosts next to who? I had 2 hens that always roosted next to the roo, and would attack other hens, then he would join in. I separated those 3.

    I would think to separate the roo for a few weeks and see it that does it. More hens could help.
  8. Mama2B&D&...Chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Plant City, FL.
    Thanks everyone...we actually are just rehoming our Roo [​IMG] I don't want too bc i love the boy but I tried seperating them so they could reconfigure there pecking order but he only got more ticked off at me and is getting more and more rough with EVERYbody!

    Update on our sweet Ellie: She's in our small backyard with it all her OWN [​IMG] Her BABY was another one that attached her so i can't trust anyone with her now until she gets her strength back and a little more confidence! She stayed on the porch for a few days and now has ventured to the edge of the porch/beginning of the grass so were getting there/ slowly but surely [​IMG] I still think there may be some neuro damage or she's just got a SEVERE case of being bullied-she's scared to move sometimes [​IMG] and thats upsetting...hopefully with him gone they wont stress as much and i can get her better and try and integrate back...

    she slept ALONE [​IMG] in the coop part and everyone else roosted at the top rafters...she's ALWays been a pretty sure she doesnt think she's a chicken [​IMG]

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