In the Brooder
Apr 2, 2018
Hampshire, UK
Our Silkie eggs are currently in a friends incubator ready to hatch end of April. If all goes well we should have 3 new Silkie chicks to take home!

This is my first time keeping chickens but my husband had chickens as a child.

I am very excited for my 3 ladies to arrive and to also care for them from chicks so we can have a beautiful bond.

Enough back story now!

Please can you let us know what you think of these potential names for our fluffy brood!

-Chickpea, Chickory, Chickadee

-Sibyl, Sicily, Silvie (the Silkies)

-Egg Nog, Boc Boc, Henny Penny

-Peep, Pipsqueak, Poppin

-Lavender, Rosemary, Bluebell

-Miss Marple, Miss Pots, Miss Muffet

-Bonbon, Dumpling, Noodle

-Scrabble, Kerplunk, Cluedo

-Mia Wallace, Fabienne, Esmeralda VillaLobos (female characters from our favourite film)

-Stitch, Ducky, Winnie (cute characters from childhood cartoons)

-Pompom, Cotton, Blossom

-Lady Grey, Darjeeling, Rooibos (we love tea)

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