Need help, rooster attacked

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  1. luvbantems

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    Mar 10, 2016
    dog got in coop with red Pyle hen & rooster, I thought both were dead, but rooster is actually alive, well he is breathing, & opens eyes sometimes, he is missing alot feathers, end of one wing chewed on, & lot of cuts on him, no longer bleeding though, he is laying with head down, I have in box now & was planning to clean wounds, I offered water but he can't raise head on his own & would not drink when tried to help him, not sure if I should actually try to help him or if even can, or if he is in too bad shape & suffering, & should have him put down. Actually when husband first went to coop he told both were dead, & when I went to look I realized he was alive., hen definitely dead. Any advice from anyone on what I should do?

  2. GodofPecking

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    Dec 16, 2015
    sounds a lot better off out of his misery. Give him a hero's burial. It will be easy to find a replacement for free, there are so many good free roosters out there.

    Honey is excellent for dabbing your fingers into and putting on wounds. You can wash it off after a few minutes, just pour drinking water over.
  3. vehve

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    If he can't actually raise his head, then I'd say an axe is the most compassionate route to take.

    Otherwise, stop the bleeding and clean wounds (antiseptic spray, honey, Vetramil, Vetericyn are all good things to use on wounds), check for broken bones, see that the nostrils are clear and that there isn't any blood blocking them (in my experience they won't eat or drink if the nostrils are blocked).

    But yeah, maybe it's kindest to let him move on.

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