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    Sigh...does anyone want a very sweet young rooster that's good with young children and will climb in your lap to be petted? All of the sudden my alpha rooster is tearing up my two other boys. I think it's cabin fever. Either way, both my less dominant roosters have no feathers left on their backs and either the big rooster needs to go, or the other boys need to find their own flocks. I'm really attached to them, but they'll all be happier with their own flocks.
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    Tab, such lovely news. I agree, treat yourself well, you are very special.
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    Some people say that buckeyes do better on higher protein. This is why I raise mealworms as well. Happy hatching!!!!!(in more ways that one)!!!
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    Apr 13, 2010
    hey larry! i see you are stalking the site! how goes the planning?

    so i discover this am that the cheeps pretty much atr all day yesterday as i had to refill everyones feeders which I had just filled the day before! Thats a lot of feed. Of course I had to hear all about how I was starving them and I was mean because they got no scratch yesterday and their outside water froze, etc. etc. At 7 am when its only 14 out, the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of whiny babies! I caught Olaf giving me the eye when I went in their run so guess who gets the treatment again tonight to remind him about manners?!

    Ginny and Tab---since we switched to the higher protein feed from agway (egg producer 21%) our girls are laying well, I put everybody on it, except for my one group of silkies, and they look better, have better weight and laying regularly. Of course, the longer daylight hours are helping as well.

    Off to the pharm again. Shorter day today thank goodness. All work and no play makes chicken momma crabby. I need chicken therapy.
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    We will! I'm a little nervous about doing my first incubator run, but I promised the 1st grade teacher I work with I would bring in chicks to show to the kids. BA's will obviously breed well together, but I'm thinking production red hens and BA roos should create awesome layers!
    In my case, I got rid of the alpha roo. He wasn't mean by any means, but mated A LOT, and I kept my two BA roos that were a bit calmer. Very happy I made that choice. The entire flock is much calmer.
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    im ready in my mind to build. My surgery that I had when we 1st talked got infected and I have been in the hospital this past week with a staff infection. We had surgery on Thursday to clean it out, and I hope to be released around 1 today. So my mind that is racing with ideas will be on hold kinda... I have a pik line in so I can not lift much, but I figure, I am putting the fence up in sections anyways LOL.. So I will build fence panels on the ground. (lay out 4 2x4's bracket together, put fence on, and screw the panel than to the 4x4 posts. So I hope to do some posts in about 2 weeks, and get the ball rolling.. My plan was this weekend, but I need to relax a couple weeks as my incision is not sewn shut 100%. They only semi closed it so it would drain. Hows the chickens going? Order anymore ? And yes def stalking the NY one, as I have not found one for Ohio that appears to be active ;) I figure if I keep reading the New York verbage, maybe I will pick up the accent lmao
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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Please don't be misled into think mites area common problem. With proper care they won't be. There are preventative measures you can take to avoid them becomeing a problem. Not the least of which is using lots of DE. Diatomaceous Earth.

    This is used as a dusting powder of sorts. I personally like to spread it everywhere inside the coop when I clean. Over the floors, walls and in the next boxes. Especially get the corners cracks and crevices.

    I also like to rub vaseline or mineral oil on all wooden roosts. Mites can hide and from what I read like to come out at night.

    I also use Exprinex and also dust the birds. I try to do this at night, wearing a headlight so I can pick them up off the roost and do the job.

    I also spread it in their dusting holes on dry days. Oh and I also toss it around on top of the wood shavings after cleaning.

    You can also rub their feet and legs with vaseline too. I do my own feet and legs and I've never been bothered with cooties either.

    Take care and I wish you well,

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    Quick question,

    has anyone ordered eggs off E-bay? Any advice?
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    I just now did. I'll let you know how it goes. It seems like Ebay is really aimed towards the buyers anyway. I remember reading on here a while ago that someone had shipped a lady eggs over Ebay and some eggs broke but the woman who bought them still hatched chicks from the others, but she launched a claim against the seller anyway and the seller had to give the woman all her money back, including shipping money. And that was on a false charge, so I'm not too worried about getting my money back if things go wrong.

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