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Jan 4, 2017
Braxton County, WV
Good evening everyone,

We had an interesting day here. My SIL came from about an hour away and my brother came from next door (he's gotten a job up here and moved in with my parents'). My parents decided to go to SC to visit my dad's sister who recently moved there and would be alone this weekend if they didn't go.

This morning had some excitement. A woodpecker flew into one of my in-law’s windows and was stunned. My brother brought it inside to show the boys and it revived very quickly. Then a chase ensued. The bird was caught and flew off unharmed.


For dinner, we zoomed my MIL's extended family (the family reunion we usually go to for Thanksgiving) while we ate dinner. I made Turkey, gluten-free mac & cheese, buttered potatoes, corn on the cob, and green beans. It was a nice feast. My MIL made a pumpkin cheese cake pudding for dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May the only birds in your house be the ones in the oven, freezer, or the ones you choose to have in your home.


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