Pair EE Bantams Booted $10.00 in Ma

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    I am selling a pair of EE bantams tehy are booted becouse the father had d'uccle in them, and the mom was an ee bantam, they are beared i belive i will go look again at the boy.
    The reason they are this cheap is 1 they are crossed breeds and 2 i need to think out on my roosters, but i dont want to give them for meat.

    I have soem that are laying colored eggs but i also have some that are laying pink and tan eggs. i have them al together. So it i spossible for you ti get blue, or green or tan or pink eggs.

    The boy for sale here in the blue with gold laceing in the corner.
    If you like to be shipped, i can ship, buyer pays for new box which is $13.00 ( becouse i have to order the box and pay for shipping on the box).
    Buyer pays shipping fee for express shipping only.
    You can estimate shipping fee online at usps the birds together way about approx 10 pounds total. my zip is 01469

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