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fowl farm

7 Years
May 9, 2012
Just wondering how much people liked this product. Was it hard to get your dog to leave the boundary when the collar was off? Did it break easily? etc.
I have the Petsafe Stubborn Dog in ground fence. I use it to contain my LGDs and got it on the recommendation of another LGD owner. Her dogs were scaling her 6' fence or going through the woods when a tree fell on the fence and knocked it over. They escaped constantly until she got the in ground fence. It worked so well she was able to take down the problematic fencing and just use the Stubborn Dog.

My SD is attached to our perimeter fence that goes around the side, the back and halfway up the other side and halfway across the front. This provides a visual reminder to the dogs to not go through that fence.

About 1/4 of our perimeter is not yet fenced, and for that bit, I laid the fence wire on the ground in some areas where It won't be hit by a mower, used a trencher to make a small trench to bury it in areas where is is more vunerable to damage (trencher is a Black and Decker edger/trencher I got for $89 at Home Depot) and also buried the twisted line from the controller to the perimeter. When we get around to fencing that front paddock, what isn't buried can go on the fence. I have the little flags that come in the kit in that area so the dogs see where they should not go.

We used a diamond blade on our circular saw to cut a shallow trench in the asphalt driveway for the line to cross the driveway.

The wire is copper wire with a plastic covering, so you will also need wire strippers to install. If the plastic covering is damaged, it will prevent the system from working. The dogs chewed it twice before the system was up and running, so I replaced line twice. Sigh. You can buy the special connectors (wire nut with a waterproof cover) or solder them together. I used the wire nuts that came with the system. If water gets in the system, it won't work.

The controller cannot be installed somewhere where it gets wet, so it cannot be mounted outside. I used a long drill bit to drill through the wall of the house then ran the wire through the wall to the controller.

The installation instructions are online, so reading them might help you decide if such a system is going to be install-able on your property.

Once your system is running, you MUST train your dog to it and never let the dog escape the system. There are detailed instructions on training the dog to the fence in the kit, which basically is teaching your dog that approaching the fence triggers a beep, and if you hear a beep, you turn back. If the dog continues to approach, the fence gives the dog a zap. And while that isn't a nice thought, the idea of having my dogs wandering is a worse one. Some people say LGDs will take the zap if something interesting is going on, but mine haven't figured that out. The kit I have also has some built in protections against a dog learning to do that.

Take the collar off if you are taking the dog out of the fence. Mine only leave in a car. I do not walk them off our property. Ever.

Bear in mind an in ground fence will not keep out stray dogs. I have treated more than one dog that got his behind kicked on his property because the neighborhood bully dog was not kept out.

I have wished they had mini collars for the chickens...I would surround the garden and flower beds and keep them out, lol.

I bought a 5 acre fence kit off eBay, which included the surge protector, and bought extra wire at Home Depot.
if you do walk the dog out of the fence (instead of taking them out in the car), designate one specific spot as the exit and NEVER take the dog out off leash.

The only thing I don't like about the different invisible fences is that it doesn't keep other dogs, animals, or kids out of your yard.
Love my wireless fence system. I have two receivers set up to cover an acre. I have a month old beagle and a 3 1/2 month old golden retriever. They do great on it. The golden retriever has only been training with the wireless fence for a week. The beagle has done most of the training for her. The dogs are very happy. They have a lot of freedom and stay in a safe area.
My dogs will turn back at the fence. One chased a squirrel when it entered the property, and it ran for its life across the line. It made it just ahead of the male dog, who turned back when it beeped at him. They both alerted when the neighbor dog came toward our propery and ran over to intercept the dog, and they turned back when it zapped them. I am very, very happy with it. I don't have it set very high, but they sure figured it out fast with the training I did.

With pups, check the fit often.
Iona got to learn first (yay for her!). She's comfortable with it if someone is out there-she'll run around and play, keeping close eye on the boundary. Otherwise, she sticks to the porch.
However, two days ago the AC adapter came unplugged from the transmitter and she went down to the road. She looked really guilty when she came back, because she knew she had the collar on and wasn't supposed to leave. Stupid mutt ( I say that with affection)
I'm really enjoying this fence! Iona has learned her boundaries really well, to the point that when she and her sister are charging through the backyard to bark at offending hounds, she stops about 2 inches from the boundary and stands there. She's learned that "lets go for a walk!" means she can cross the line. She thinks the four wheeler means she can, so we'll work on that. She has also learned not to trust my brother - he's forgotten the collar one too many times and now I have to tell her it's okay and she sticks to his side like glue until she's past the boundary ( and then she runs ahead) Now to train her sister.
I totally love mine too. My dogs, both of a breed and age known to roam, just don't . They stay home.

Unlike my neighbor's dogs. They don't have any fence at all and the dogs roam constantly.

I am half inclined to give them a brochure about this fencing system. I won't be responsible when my LGDs kill their dogs for trespassing.

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