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Jan 17, 2021
Today I tried de-spuring my rooster for the first time because I noticed that my hen was having a lot of broken feathers and would run from him so I gathered he may be hurting her. I did it by using the method where you get some pliers and then twist them off, they came off pretty easy but I noticed he was bleeding a lot. I gave it a little time and he was still bleeding some so I took some cornstarch to stop the bleeding and it seemed to work OK but I could tell that he was still bleeding. Anyway it was getting dark and it seemed to slow the bleeding down and he wasn't bleeding much so I let him go to bed. Anyway I was wondering if I should be worried? Or if I need to do some after-care for him?
How is he now?
When I went out this morning to check on them he seemed to be acting fine and dandy but not his spurs. They looked all nasty so I nabbed him to get a better look and I saw that a bunch of dirt and bedding wrapped around them. I tried to clean him up a bit and I used a little water to loosen the stubborn bits and underneath I saw he was still bleeding. After cleaning them up as best as I could I put a little anti bacterial ointment on them, which was hard since the blood and then I put some more cornstarch on. I'm still worried though because he's still bleeding a little and I'm contemplating wrapping his feet up so they don't get so dirty. Any advice?
Can you post some photos?

It might not be a bad idea to wrap if it's continuing to bleed. I would clean with saline or hibiclens, dry the best you can, then apply a layer of neosporin. Wrap, but not too tight. Re-check in a day or so.

Next time, you may want to consider trimming spurs with a dremel. The heat from the cutoff wheel cauterizes if you cut to close in, but you are left with blunt spurs. Removing the outer sheath by twisting that off, you may still have sharp spurs.

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