Roosters being aggressive


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Nov 21, 2020
I have too many roosters and they are 6 months old and sexually active- my problem is they are really tearing up the hens- anyone else have this going on and any suggestions to stop it? The hens don't want to leave the barn. also it seems as though there are certain roosters who "protect' certain hens- any info on that
Thanks for your input.
How many total hens?

You need to limit the number of roosters so the ratio of roosters to hens is one to ten.

You can run an ad to rehome the extra roos.
You can cull the extras and freeze the meat
You can keep all the roosters, but keep them separately penned, allowing only one roo per ten hens to free range at a time.

To be most effective, observe each rooster with the hens to determine how nicely they behave with them. Then select the nice ones to keep.

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