Seperating Baby Budgie from Parents...?

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    May 25, 2009
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    We have a tall aviary with the nest boxes at the top, and this little guy has been out 3 times, so we've decided to take him out into his own cage. Now I'm worried that he wont be able to eat/drink properly on his own and google isnt being particularly helpful.

    Does anyone raise budgies? this little guy is fully feathered, v. active. Just not sure if he's worked out how to eat properly on his own yet. He has seed and baby budgie raising mix in a bowl on the floor, as well as water at ground level, and higher up. His crop is currently full so I'm trying to get used to the feeling of it full so I can feel if its not.

    IDEAS!! Please!!
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    Jun 30, 2009
    If he is fully feathered and can go in and out of the nest box, he is old enough to be eating on his own. He may be a little scared being moved to a new cage, but should start eating soon.
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    if hes able to fly out of the box on his own 3 times he will be fine. You can get a sprig of millet on the bottom they are tempted by that but he should eat seeds just fine. I hand raised babies and they always were able to eat really well when I "wasn't" looking.
  4. I agree with everything posted so far...esp. the spray millet. Just make sure he has access to food and water. I also always put thawed out peas and corn on a plastic lid or coffee filter...they love warm soft veggies when newly weaned. Just make sure they are really "wet" - pat them dry with a paper towel before putting them on the floor of his cage. Aren't baby budgies the cutest?

    Wish you the best...
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