Severe broken beak. HELP! *graphic picture*

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    Oct 19, 2018
    Last night when feeding the flock I noticed that one of the hens, a bantam and everyone's favorite , had a severely broken beak. It is almost sideways and you can see some type of bone sticking out in the picture. We separated her and she seems to be able to eat and drink but I am wondering if I should still take her to a vet or see how she does over the next few days?
    Thank you!

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    Good grief, poor baby :(
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    That is by far the worst I have ever seen. I have before fashioned a brace for a cracked beak, using nail polish, tape, and card, however in your image it appears that the poor girl has actually lost her top beak entirely, therefore I am unsure if this would work in your situation; the flesh may already be dead.

    @Wyorp Rock @casportpony @KikisGirls any ideas?
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    Can you get a picture from the side too, is the bottom beak injured as well?

    That type of injury, the beak won't stitch back, even if you tried to repair it.

    Left alone, it will probably eventually fall off. If you have a vet, they can probably clip it on off for you, it you are up to the challenge you could do it yourself.
    It will probably bleed when you take it off. You can use cornstarch to help stop any bleeding. Barring infection she should heal up fine if the break is due to injury.
    The bottom beak may need to be trimmed off as well, it would be hard to know, she will probably learn to scoop her food -you can offer wet feed to make it easier on her.

    Others may chime in with their suggestions.

    Here's a few threads where chickens have thrived with severely damaged beaks, it just take a bit of patience and accommodation sometimes.
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