Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
My Coop
Compost those weeds. Compost will hold water in your soil and improve the flavour of next year's cucumbers. If you can grow green manure crops over winter, such as rye, tic beans or lupins where you live, that will also help to improve your soil. Tell us more about your garden. We can throw hundreds of suggestions at you, you can ignore 99% of them and try the ones you like.
I have no shortage in compost here, ~30 ducks poop a lot! And yet even after adding wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of compost the soil is still a mess!
I will sow out turnips (@Magnolia Ducks idea) into the veggie bed after i have harvested what little cabbage has grown and tilled in another load of duck-compost and see what happens.
But not the next weekend or the one after that, first i have to finish my new duck-pen or the fall-ducklings will have to stay in that tiny prefab-xicken house. Today was the first day that i have not hit any of my bodies extensions with a hammer!

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