Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
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We had lots of green beans and tomatoes this year. A few melons and the hot peppers didn't do well.
Tomatoes, maybe 20 out of a hedge of tomato plants, some peppers, but only small and in weird shapes.
E-ve-ry-thing got overgrown with grass so quickly, i couldn't keep up weeding. And once i had ripped out the grass, the soil dried out and turned into a concrete like something so the crops could not develop. Never had to fight such bad soil. The only reason why the sweet potatoes flourished is the raised bed i built into the hillsite, 3ft at the downhill-side, level uphill. And filled with a mixture of 6 month old duck-compost and planter-soil.
I guess i have to open a thread in the gardening forum and ask the more experienced folks what i can do to improve my poor soil and how to get rid of all the grass.

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Oct 3, 2009
Mountains of Western N.C.
Hey an good evening I am trying hard to get back on here again. Starting to see some fall color so we know time is short on finishing up the chores that need done before the cold weather gets here. Hope everyone enjoyed your weekend. I bet Wunda is happy to see spring. I’ll hopefully be back for good soon!

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