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Apr 9, 2013
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My kitty has cancer :(

The vet called back with the bloodwork results from her vet visit. Her liver numbers are sky high. The vet suspects lymphoma. She said we could either try an aggressive treatment tactic, or try steroids until it's time for her to go.

She's 21, so aggressive treatment like surgery or chemo isn't fair to her. So we're just gonna do steroids to see if that helps her, and then when she's not doing well any more, we'll put her to sleep.

21 is a good long life for a cat, though. Doesn't mean I'm not sad about it, of course.
I’m sorry about your kitty Pyxis. 21 is long life for a cat but that doesn’t make it easy to let go.

Miss Lydia

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Oct 3, 2009
Mountains of Western N.C.
Good Morning everyone! sorry I havebeen MIA, Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving., we did had our dd and grandson here from GA.

We have snow and boy it's cold hope if anyone has chicks are ducklings coming through the mail they aren't the frigid temps we are lows in low teens highs in 20's.
Pyxis so sorry about your kitty,:hugs our 13 yr old mix dog has bladder cancer. We are just enjoying every day we have with her.

Have a great day everyone
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