Update on my chicks with bloody poos.

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Started them on Corid yesterday, and cleaned their coop out with bleach (had them below in the run for the day). Last night I panicked when I found both ducklings, both poults, all 6 "teenage" chicks, and my favorite roo, Batman, huddled under the coop in the freezing cold well after dark. Of course I figured they were all dead. With some help from my hubby, flashlight aand broom handle in hand, I poked at them to find Batman sitting on the smallest chicks (bantams) and everyone ina big huddle...alive and kicking. I think they didn't like the fresh straw and residual bleach inside the coop? With the darned run design we could not reach them to force them inside to had to leave them. They were protected by solid walls on 3 sides. This morning they are all up and chirping, active, no more bloody poos...

    Not sure if it was coccidosis but the babies are looking great. The ducks and poults will be moving to their own coop hopefully today or tomorrow.
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    Nice work. Glad you were able to save the flock. Time to reconfigure the run... [​IMG]
    Good luck.

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