Very Scary Info...any confirmation?


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Jan 3, 2009
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Okayk, so a friend of mine went to the eye doctor, and somehow they got to talking about chickens. The doctor said that he could tell if somebody had chickens just by looking in their eyes. Apparently, there is a bacteria that all chickens carry and cannot be eliminated (well, obviously you could kill the chicken). THe bacteria attacks human retinas. Seriously, the doctor said that chicken people would have messed up retinas. THis isn't enough to get me to get rid of my birds, but it has kinda shaken me up. Can anybody alleviate my fears?
It wasn't histoplasmosis, I know a bit about that, but I'd never heard of this. I do however know a lot of chicken people, and very few of them have eye problems.
P.S.I'll have to ask my friend again. However I have a different friend who's retina FELL OUT!!
She's fine now.
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Um, what kind of doctor is this.

Also, the concept is a bit silly because you do not have to have chickens to have been exposed to them and their alleged bacteria.

Also also, if being around chickens inevitably (or even just 'often') caused some sort of disorder that destroyed your retinas, we would know about this already, would we not, being as many many people have had many many chickens for many many generations

Deeply deeply skeptical (although willing to imagine that there may exist something very vaguely like this but many details got severely lost in the translation somewhere)

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Sounds like a load of chicken poop to me.... I have been blind in one eye through an accident for 42 years.... my good eye is fine....listen to it all with a pinch of salt, but dont get it in your eye..........

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