What did you do in the garden today?


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Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
Morning all. Our storm system has shifted over 150 miles North in three days. Grrr.
Which means instead of 1 inch of snow, tomorrow we get 8-12 inches of snow. LOL. Love my job.
DH went into the city and got his remote teaching kit, so he can teach his university classes from his office here while I plow....endlessly.
DS will just have to keep digging his car out of its space in the Campus parking lot.

Gonna be a mess.
Will be getting diesel this morning, dropping a box at the super market post office drop so it goes out on time, hauling water, finishing water, and then sewing the rest of the day. Hoping we don't loose power and have to go pioneer, but is what it will be.


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Apr 9, 2013
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My Coop
Good morning gardeners. Woke up to a wet morning. Clouds and a few patches of blue sky. Ran to the grocery store and when I got home I found the grow light on. So the timer works, 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I ordered two more of them. Nothing happening outside today and I’m not speaking to the DH so it’s gonna be a long day inside. Have a good day all

Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
Only 55 days until spring!!!

:yesss: I retired last year and I loved working in the garden more than I ever did in previous years. Maybe because I didn't have to get it all done over the weekend.

@goldenyears, failure is just a different kind of lesson from success, and just as valuable. Or at least I tell myself that. ;)


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Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
yesterday I went out and dug up one of my garden beds and removed a ton of rocks from it and hand crumbled all the clay so it would be less dense and worked in a bunch of really nice organic matter. okay only half a bed. its definitely not the efficient method but playing in the dirt feels so good to me.

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