What do you do with your feathers?

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    Hi! As I'm sure we all know, keeping chickens means ending up with LOTS of feathers everywhere! Whether it's just normal shedding or someone's moulting, you can usually always spot where one of your birds' favourite dustbathing spot is, or whether they've gone up this side of the yard or that one, and even who is the one digging holes in your garden by all the feathers they leave behind, hahaha. A lot of them just get blown away, or scratched into the ground, or covered in poop and soil, or even eaten straight back up again, haha; but there's always a good amount of clean, perfectly formed, lovely looking feathers around if you spend any time outside looking for them. So I wanna know - What do you guys all do with your inadvertent feather collections?

    Personally I like to keep the ones I think are particularly pretty... Usually the large, shiny, thick ones that come off their wings; the smaller yet streamlined ones that usually come from their backs and chests; the big showy, ornamental, patterned or coloured tail feathers; and best of all, the tiny little perfectly formed miniatures that shed from their heads and necks :) I like to make crafty random things from the different types of feathers - Like put the tiny neck/head feathers into those small glass apothecary jars, with or without other things like other small ornaments, seeds, coloured rocks, moss, small plastic seedlings, etc to make terrarium pendants or little decorative trinkets; make bookmarks, hair accessories, dreamcatchers, etc with the big wing feathers; make bigger decorative terrarium type things or various art projects, wall/car hangings, paintings, necklaces, etc with the middle sized ones... And so on and so forth, haha.

    I can't be the only one who loves my birds' feathers and either keeps them or makes things with them - So what kind of stuff do you like to do/make with yours? What are your favourite kinds of feathers? What kind of feather art things have you seen that you liked, do you do anything practical/utilitarian with them? ... Oooorr am I just that 'crazy chicken guy' collecting feathers happily like a lone madman? xD I'd love to know what you have come up with and your own feathery habits - Especially if you have any photos or examples of cool fun things you've found a use for feathers!
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    I sell all mine to @BantyChooks She boils them into a soup for her sled dogs. I think most BYC people do this she pays shipping and 5 cents a pound for them.....

    As you can see for her food pyramid she inadvertently left feathers off.

    Trophic Pyramid.jpg

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    I can't say I've ever thought of doing that, but it sounds beautiful. Might you have any pictures?

    :tongue I pay six cents a pound and you know it. Silly Ralphie.
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    Actually, my feathers are a blow'in in the wind......or picked up by someone that sees one they like.

    Grandkids do take handfuls home for their parents to see.
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