what does the Fed think they are doing Now

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Apr 24, 2007
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I just read on Yahoo news that the Fed gave AIG another 37.5 billon dollars. I can't believe it All day the news has shown the senate commitee yelling at these jerks for taking a week long holiday at our expense and then they have the nerve to give them more money. I don't know about you but I have had it. I am not voting for anyone who is an incumbunt At least if we get new people in it will take a few years before they become corrupt. I am also starting a new campaign to vote in big bold letters NONE OF THE ABOVE when I vote for president. God help us all if either one of them gets in.
The year I turned 18 I was able to cast my vote in a presidential election. (No, not Teddy Roosevelt!) I have tried to vote in every election since then even if it was for dog catcher. I have never been so dismayed by the choices we have been given this election year. I've listened to all the debates, news talk shows and read the newspaper about what's going on.
Sarah Palin and Joe Bidden seemed to get along pretty good during their debate, even if they had diferences of oppinion...at least they had opinions... Maybe they should team up and run as ...... CO-PRESIDENTS!!!
This makes me smile, i mean, i agree, but what makes me smile is some survey thing called the house today, my mom answered and I listened wondering who she was talking to this late at night.....and she goes "NEITHER.....oh i have to pick one? Okay MICKEY MOUSE!" and she hung up! LOL!

I busted out laughing knowing exactly what she said "neither and mickey mouse to" they asked who she'd vote for....HA HA!

I wanted to vote Obama, but BOTH him and Mc make my head spin.
I guess there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. I also heard that alot of illegals are leaving. Seems they are complaining there is no work.Hmmm.
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