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Apr 1, 2018
Hello! In January I inducted myself into the world of poultry ownership when I bought my first chickens - thirteen Ameraucanas & one Golden Laced Wyandotte! Today, they are nine weeks old and have gone through three different feeds. So I’ve been wondering, what is the best feed for them?

Originally when I got them as chicks, I bought a generic chick feed blend from the feed store I got them at. Since finishing it, they’ve gone through a Purina medicated feed & are almost done with a Purina organic feed. I followed the suggestions of the employees at Tractor Supply, but I’m not sure it’s really the best. Does anyone have any suggestions for which feed I should try when they are done when this one / which to always avoid?
Depends on what you wanted to do, organic or regular feeds?
If you want to stay organic continue on Purina starter feeds until 16-18 weeks then start feeding them organic layer feeds when they start laying.
If you want to do regular feeds continue feeding them the medicated until you transfer them outside and/or until they are 12-14 weeks then switch to unmedicated starter feed or move to Flock Raiser until laying.

For me I don’t use medicated feeds at all but that’s my preference. Then I move to Laying crumbles or pellets when they turn 18-20 wks, And supplement them with crushed oyster shell for calcium need.

Side note: I alternate their feeds with flock Raiser since I have chicken ages 0-5 yrs old, some are moulting at different age at different time of the year.
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