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Apr 1, 2018
Hello! In January I inducted myself into the world of poultry ownership when I bought my first chickens - thirteen Ameraucanas & one Golden Laced Wyandotte! Today, they are nine weeks old and have gone through three different feeds. So I’ve been wondering, what is the best feed for them?

Originally when I got them as chicks, I bought a generic chick feed blend from the feed store I got them at. Since finishing it, they’ve gone through a Purina medicated feed & are almost done with a Purina organic feed. I followed the suggestions of the employees at Tractor Supply, but I’m not sure it’s really the best. Does anyone have any suggestions for which feed I should try when they are done when this one / which to always avoid?


Sep 2, 2014
NE Ohio
Depends on what you wanted to do, organic or regular feeds?
If you want to stay organic continue on Purina starter feeds until 16-18 weeks then start feeding them organic layer feeds when they start laying.
If you want to do regular feeds continue feeding them the medicated until you transfer them outside and/or until they are 12-14 weeks then switch to unmedicated starter feed or move to Flock Raiser until laying.

For me I don’t use medicated feeds at all but that’s my preference. Then I move to Laying crumbles or pellets when they turn 18-20 wks, And supplement them with crushed oyster shell for calcium need.

Side note: I alternate their feeds with flock Raiser since I have chicken ages 0-5 yrs old, some are moulting at different age at different time of the year.
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