Wierd spiral grooves on my eggs???

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    Hey all.
    I have a Barred Rock girl (Mayflower) who's about 2 1/2 and just started laying again after a couple month's hiatus. She laid a couple normal eggs, but over the last four days, she has laid eggs with a progressively deeper and deeper spiral groove from the top to the bottom. We see odd things here and there, but I'm worried that this could represent a problem for her. Could it be a mass or tumor near her oviduct that is pressing and causing the groove as the egg descends and spins?
    Help/advice is appreciated!

    The four pinkish-brown eggs along the bottom are Mayflower's, in order Left-Right of the day she laid them. The others are from Basia (Golden Polish) and Muffet (Ameraucana).

    Closer-up on Mayflower's most recent eggs.

    Better angle to see how "groovy" they are. [​IMG]

    What do you think?
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    That's not so bad.......Sometimes when they've had a break from laying (like when they've molted or whatever), when they start back, the eggs are a little wonky. Nothing to worry about. It should iron itself out with time.....

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