Would you buy my Mosaics?



Walking my Chicken
Apr 22, 2020
Hello! :frow

I may hatch some mosaic chickens this spring and was wondering if you would but them? I am not saying you specifically, but I was just wondering if the price if good and my selling situation is okay? I would sell them for about $35 as day old chicks and would breed them to get the perfect colors and such. I don't know where to sell them because my town is not that big of a farming community, so if you have any ideas, please pitch in! Thank you!
I have just started chickening this past summer, so I am not personally ready to spend that much on a chicken. Not until my setup is more established anyway. But this looks like a bird I would definitely put on a future list. I love the colors.
Yikes! I love pretty birds, but I personally won’t pay more than $5 per chick 😂 but that’s because I cycle out my hens every 2 years.

But I do know people out there keep their chickens as pets til they die a natural death.

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