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Hey Everyone!, Im a new member on here sooo going slowly please feel free to visit my cockin page! Thanks, Your Chicken Lover, ~Liddy~
I have 3 roosters and 11 hens, they've been practising making chicks since early spring but we're not getting any fertilised eggs. Would there be any reason for this? The roosters are between 1 and two years old and the hens are about the same...
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Just got 3 baby chicks today, two weeks old. feed them grain and now they are sleeping and hugging each other :)
We have a small farm in Coweta, OK where we raise and sell Standard Bronze Turkeys, Bowhite Quail, Buff Orpington's, True Breed Araucanas, Easter Egger's, Welsummers, Delawares, Rhode Island Red's, and Indian Runner Ducks.
Relatively new to keeping chooks.... the proud owner of 4 Hyline Browns, 1 Cuckoo Maran cross (I think with Rhode Island Red), and a Bluebell. expect plenty of questions from me LOL
Recently, a few people asked me how I packaged hatching eggs, which materials are best for cushioning, how I kept it cost effective, and what carrier I used. So I made my first how-to video!
My coop is like chicken tazmahal! It has 12 nesting boxes, lots of perch bars and roostes, tons of floor space, and is made so they actually sleep in the rafters of it! I will post pics some day B) The run is very large, stumps and logs to perch...
Momma and daddy as chicks! Momma as a chick!little chicks! More little chicks!rooster chick! this one eather has Lacy as dad or an Easter Egger!
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Hello. I have a silkie rooster free to good home from Franklin, MA. He is black or blue. I ordered one black and one blue and honestly they both look black but we did not want a rooster. He was born end of June 2011. Just started acting like a...
Well, We are now caught up to the pre dog attack. We got 5 Bantams with the idea that they would be mama's to the babes we were getting. So we have now 4 - 9 week olds: 2 Buff Orbingtons and 2 Barred Rocks. They are of course bigger than the...
We are in Gilbert, Arizona on just over an acre. We have 10 goats, 20 chickens, 60 quail and a horse.
Hi, Winter is coming, are there any major do's and don't's I need to think about? Particularly interested in keeping the water unfrozen. We have a small coop with two hens...molt is nearly done?

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