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Something about me: I'm all kinds of creative, I love the outdoors, I love my cats & my husband and I think I might be falling in love with chickens too! I'm currently living in the UK and am in the process fo moving back home to the USA (can't...
It's impossible to keep chickens out of the house Three amigas Coop number 2-- it was expensive and time consuming to build so of course they never use it. Sparrow and Angel Boneless chicken Agatha, Angel, Sparrow and Buttercup
Well here goes my first blog here. I'm planning on starting to raise chickens for eggs and also something to do. I used to farm with my late husband so I do have some experience. I have a blog on my web page so I'm not new to blogs just new here....
Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Quail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are both awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make a stir fry with whatever meat you want!
My first chicken coop, I waited 20 years to do this. I am pretty committed, so we went for a good size, using all the information I read about on BYC and other books. It's been great. The first "girls" Dixie, bottom left, turned out to be a...
Golf Swing Tips Perfect Golf Swing Improve Your Golf Swing Best Golf Swing Golf Swing Basics Improve Golf Swing
Baby Welsummers Hatched 7/24/11 tYmbur the Amazon hatched 4/2011 Sun Conure Breeders Maggie Mae Yellow lab 2.5 years old
Accurate Electrical Services guarantees that we will communicate all aspects of the work to be performed to our clients and will be available for consultations before, during and after the work is completed. Electrician
Here is my gang![URL][/URL]
Just trying this on for size...:)

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