1. comish83

    Barnevelder Temperament

    I have 10 birds and all of them but my 2 Barnevelders (pullet and cockerel) will eat from my hand. The Barnevelders seem to be incredibly skittish. So many people on forums reviewed Barnevelders to be very friendly with a few skittish comments here and there. My question is, do even the most...
  2. comish83

    Is my 8 week old Barnevelder a cockerel?

    Hello all. I have an 8 1/2 week old Barnevelder that I got from a hatchery and have a feeling it is a cockerel. Its sister (Barnevelder) doesn't even have its wattle and the comb is so much smaller. Would appreciate some help here. I am new to this!
  3. cstephens1987


    So my little flock is ranging in age from 4.5-5.5 weeks and I do believe I have spotted two, possibly three, roosters in the bunch. I'll post pictures and videos as they age for the next few weeks and let you guys tell me what you think (I'll keep my suspicions to myself for now). Also any help...
  4. E

    Winter Chicks

    I got some gorgeous Barnevelders and Silkies at the end of November. I've been brooding them in my house, but they're getting crowded in their brooder. I'm not sure when I can put them outside. The temps dip below freezing at night. They have a large Formex coop that they'll be going into...
  5. C

    Barnevelder or barnevelder cross?

    Last spring I purchased a few barnevelder chicks from a hatchery. I recently purchased a few young barnevelder hens from someone and they look more true to breed than my previous hen. I attached a few pictures of her. Could she be crossed with something else? If so, what? Or is she a different...
  6. Sagey_7878

    *AUSTRALIA* Selling double silver laced barnevelder cockerels!

    Hello, I live in Australia and I am wanting to rehome my two double silver laced barnevelder and possibly Plymouth Rock cockerels. If interested please reply!
  7. E

    Spokane Area, nice Barnevelder Roosters?

    Hi, I just got a straight run of silver double laced barnevelders and buff silkies from feather lover farms. They look great, but I'm sure I'm going to have some roosters. I'd love to give them a good home. If you know anyone who would be interested, please PM me...
  8. Vivid Hatchery

    Double Silver Laced Barnevelder Bantam chicks, NPIP, Marek's Vaxxed, other breeds available

    New and rare Double Silver Laced Barnevelder babies available here, both bantam (miniature sized), and regular sized barnies. The breeders we have kept, are based on feather pattern sharpness primarily. The type is there, we are just working on improving the quality of the lacing at this point...
  9. oakhavenmama

    Barnevelder voice?

    Hi all, I hope you and your chickens are staying cool this summer! The temps are already in the upper 90's in Lewisville, Texas, where I live! Does anyone have with experience with Barnevelders? My 12 week-old Barni's voice recently changed and sounds soft and deep, almost like a goose. Is...
  10. julietta

    LF Double Laced Silver Barnevelders chicks

    Just hatched: 03/17/18 Double Laced Silver Barnevelders chicks, located in Eastern Connecticut.
  11. julietta

    LF Double Laced Silver Barnevelders Eggs

    I have 6+ Large Fowl Double Laced Silver Barnevelder hatching eggs availables to sale or trade. (Eggs will be pick fresh before shipping)
  12. H

    Glw Sexing

    :frow Hello fellow people, I have 5 gold laced wyandotte chicks about 3-4 weeks old. I am looking fot some tips to tell their gender, so as usual, i come here lol. Thx for your help. Oh and also i was wondering if anyone has barnevelders aswell and has some advice, they are the same age as the...
  13. ChickenDrummond

    Strange comb on baby Barnevelder?

    Hi all! About a week and a half ago, I went to Tractor Supply to get food for my chickens. To my own surprise, I came home with little peepers (oops!) They are two Barnevelders, and it's my first time with this breed. So far, I'm enjoying every second raising these little boogers. However, one...
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