bob white

  1. Bluethehen

    Advice on choosing quail

    i've been wanting to start up a small flock of quil again. For pets mostly but also for eggs. three years ago i had a flock of coturnix quail and although i enjoyed them and they gave lots of eggs, they were quite problematic and not what i was looking for in quail. does anyone know what kinds...
  2. J_J_max

    About bobwhites

    So, at the beginning of May I should be receiving baby bobwhites. My question is can they be tamed down? I know they are some of the wilder breeds of quail. Also, how would I tame them? Do we just handle them frequently? I know all about coturnix, but we unfortunately couldn't order those. :idunno
  3. K

    Day 17 candling bobwhites not moving??

    Incubating bobwhites today is day 17 I candles them and seem to be growing good really dark but dont see any move movement?! Nervous they might have died??
  4. K

    Humidity for bobwhite quails in lock down?!

    I have 2 eggs that have been on 50% humidity in their brinsea incubator for the last 15 days and have been doing great, been hearing alot of people say different things about lock down! Should I boost it to 65 or higher the last 3 days? I have no idea this is my first time hatching
  5. K

    Saved egg with tape now what!?

    I'm hatching bobwhite quails they are on day 15 now but when I was candling around day 7 I ended up cracking shell a bit so I put a little bit of tape in it and prayed for the best! The baby is growing perfect and is fine! But worried about hatching now and when i should take the tape off...
  6. K

    Storage box brooder flooring?

    I have bobwhites hatching soon wondering what's best for flooring in the storage container as I see people use many different things like news paper, paper towels, and chicken wire but worried about there feet getting stuck or the chick getting hurt!?
  7. G

    Legal Issues With Bonwhite Quail

    My 12 year old son has begun using an incubator he got as a present. Someone gave him some Bob white quail eggs and they hatched really good. We live in Virginia. He wants to sell the quail he hatched and hatch some more. Should I be concern about any legal situations associated with selling...
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