1. Lslake

    Brown leghorn hen or rooster?

    Does this brown leghorn look like a pullet or rooster. It is about 16 weeks old. All the sudden it's sprouting new tail feathers and our other leghorn doesn't appear to be doing that.
  2. HansHens

    Free Mature Laying Hens available

    Free egg laying chickens available. Each mature hen currently laying up to 6 eggs a week. We are moving, so need to find them new homes. Breeds we have are: Leghorns, Isa Browns, Ameraucanas, Australorps, Salmon Favorelles, Lakenvelders. We have about 50 birds, but you can take as many as you...
  3. S

    Hi from Southern Pennsylvania USA!!

    Hi everyone! MY family is new to the chicken family! My daughter got 3 chicks from her classroom after they hatched and my wife and kids wanted them so bad that they all begged till I broke down and said yes! We got 3 Leghorn chicks all white ones. They are about 5 weeks old so far. And we...
  4. Krissyclarkmckee

    I Am A New Chicken Mama!!!

    Can you tell I am excited about my baby chickens?! I moved to a small town in Texas last year after living in the Houston suburbs for 14 years. I wanted to have a little backyard flock for probably close to 10 years but our HOA restrictions forbade it. So, when we were looking for an old...
  5. Courtney88

    Breed confirmation

    Hi There! My first chicken adventure has been a real learning experience. But I was looking for anyone's input on my flocks breeds. I had purchased them from a feed store and I can't say I was expecting them to know exactly what the chickens are... I had purchased Two Buff Orpingtons, two Black...
  6. Cigo

    Leghorn Comb & Feather Genetics Question

    I'm having trouble finding information on it now, but I remember reading that the white feather color in leghorns is a dominant trait, and that a rose comb is dominant as well. I may have this totally backwards, but I was wondering if I were to cross a rose-comb brown leghorn, for example, with...
  7. Chickenrandomness

    Leghorn White By Chickenrandomness

    Leghorn White Created by Chickenrandomness Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: My 2 week old chick is really nice and surprizingly docile! she is a bit flighty, but not too much. she is really friendly and is starting to like me Gender Age Thumb Description / Information...
  8. Chickenrandomness

    Leghorn Black Dark Brown Light Brown Buff White And A Few Other Colors

    Leghorn black, dark brown, light brown, buff, white, and a few other colors Created by Chickenrandomness Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Leghorns is a Mediterranean breed, so the single comb version is not cold tollerant, but this is rose comb. leghorns came from italy...
  9. Chickenrandomness

    Leghorn Rose Comb

    Leghorn Rose comb Created by Chickenrandomness Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: rose comb leghorns look thesame as single comb except they have a rosecomb. the most common color for them is light brown, butiful birds, i don't have any personal experiance with them, but i...
  10. matthewschickens

    Leghorn California White White Leghorn And California Gray Mixed

    Leghorn California White (White Leghorn and California Gray mixed) Created by matthewschickens Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: This is by far my favorite breed of my 13+ breeds that I own. They lay TONS of LARGE white eggs, are VERY friendly and I think they are...
  11. Krodsorin

    Leghorn Blue

    Leghorn Blue Created by Krodsorin Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: The Bantam Blue Leghorn Some people believe that the Blue Leghorn is the most attractive of all the varieties in the breed, and is perhaps, one of the most difficult to produce. They are a flighty bird as...
  12. KWAK

    Leghorn White Or Brown

    Leghorn white or brown Created by KWAK Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Ths breed of chicken is used all over the us for egg production they lay white large eggs and rarely ever go broody i have olnly had one that went broody.good pets or egg production Gender Age...
  13. sloallie10

    Leghorn White

    Leghorn White Created by sloallie10 Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: Very cute, and kinda flighty. Gender Age Thumb Description / Information Female 6 mon
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