Ameraucana has stopped laying???


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9 Years
Dec 23, 2010
So my 10 month old has stopped laying her green eggs and don't know why. Is it normal in the colder months for them to completely stop? She isn't molting and seems like all is well. What am I missing here?
Its cold, theres less amount of light in the day and she refuses to lay. It's unfortunately normal. She should pick back up in spring.
My Amercaunas are young - about 6 - 7 months old. They began laying a couple eggs each for about a month, and now have stopped. They don't appear to be sick at all - they do everything as usual, eat, drink, and are active. No changes in environment or feeding. Could the change in seasons be a factor? Anyone have any suggestions?
OK, I know why they stopped laying. They need 16 hours of daylight to lay eggs. Guess next spring!
My coco maran stopped laying also about 3 weeks ago. All my others are still laying but she stopped. Some birds stop laying when the seasons change. A few of mine are also molting so no eggs. My maran is only 7 months old.

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