Black oil Sunflower Seeds, In the Shell or out? How much and how often


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Bought a bag of whole in the shell black oil sunflower seeds. just wanted to make sure thats what everyone is using and not the "seeds only" version before i open the bag.
Also how much and how often do you let them have some? I have 13 11 month old RIR's at the moment. Thanks
I only use the black oil sunflower seeds that are still in the shell. These should be kept as a healthy treat for your flock. I would use a empty tin can from soup or vegtables as a measure, and feed them one can a day. They will clean them up in less than 5 minutes once they know what they are.

If your birds don't free range, then I would provide grit for them also to digest the grain to it's full potential.

Good point! I did buy a bag of grit. The run is only a 10x26 so they wont be free range. How much grit should i give them? (13 RIR's )
Grit should also be fed free choice. I use a empty can like tuna fish or pet food comes in. I tacked it to a piece of wood on the wall on the inside of the coop, at a easy height for the flock. Any small container that they won't tip over would work well.

So you dont just toss it out in the run and let them "come across it"?
I feed them the sunflower chips - w/o shell. Don't know if I need to, but that's what I've been doing.

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