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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Gloria, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Gloria

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    Okay, this waiting for new babies is driveing me nuts! I tell ya nuts!

    My Pekin has been on the nest since August 2nd and still no sign of any babies.

    She laid an egg on the 2nd and I noticed during the day that she was staying on that one little egg. So I stopped collecting them. She laid 12 eggs and stopped laying. She stayed on those eggs the whole time while she filled her nest.

    Shouldn't I have some babies by now? Or are you suppose to count from the day she stopped laying them?

    Since she stayed on the nest from day one that was the day I started counting down from. Was I wrong?

    I'm sure they are fertilized because her man grabs her everytime they get in the pool.
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    Jul 30, 2009
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    Incubation for ducks is 28-29 days. So you are dead on--should be any time now.

    However, you are going to have problems if those first few began incubating and then she continued to lay--the first few are going to hatch out and then the last ones will be abandoned--you might want to start putting plans in place to rescue whatever is left in the nest when she decides the hatch is over.
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    I'm in Holly and I have an incubator if you need help! Let me know [​IMG]
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  4. Gloria

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    Quote:I thought I had the timeing right. But still no babies. [​IMG]
    I wasn't sure if I should count from the day she started setting on that first egg or wait until she stopped laying though. Then count from there.

    Yes, I also thought of that. I think I'm going to take them from her until she has hatched how ever many she is going to hatch. Then whatever is left I think a friend will put them in the bator for me. If I need her too.

    I think I also read here somewhere (I can't find it again) that I should remove the drake because they tend to eat the babies as they hatch. Is that true?

    If that's true that might be why I have no babies yet. I found a duck egg shell in there pen this morning. Just laying out in the middle of their yard. The inside was completely gone, just a shell. I don't know if he did that or if something got in their pen and stole it form her. Does anyone have any ideas on that?
  5. Gloria

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    Quote:Thank you for the offer! I'll remember that if I need help. Thanks! [​IMG]
  6. Gloria

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    I think I also read here somewhere (I can't find it again) that I should remove the drake because they tend to eat the babies as they hatch. Is that true?
    Does any one know?
  7. I have read of many problems with the drakes and sometimes other hens hurting the ducklings and even breaking the eggs, but some people also say they have no problems. My plan for next spring's hatch is to keep the mom and ducklings separate from the rest of the flock. It worked out fine when I did it last year, I guess it makes more work but the peace of mind is worth it to me.
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  8. DuckLady

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    Yes, in most cases a drake will try to kill the babies. Muscovy drake may even eat them!
    A drake's paternal feelings usually end with the fertilizing process, unlike ganders who usually make great parents.
  9. Gloria

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    Thanks for your help everyone! I didn't get an answer yesterday so I just went ahead and put the drake in with the chickens last night. He didn't like it to much, but at least now I'll know he's not doing anything to the babies when they start to hatch.
  10. Uhhh . . . . but what about your poor chickens?? He will probably be trying to mate them - they won't like it!! [​IMG]

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