Can different species of birds live together?


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Apr 9, 2020
Upstate New York
Hi! So I am wondering if different species of birds can live toegher.

Ie. Turkeys with chickens (or any other mix, that was just an example)

I'm just curious since I can incorporate it into my barn plans and it will help me save space!

**I don't intend to put quail/chukars/pheasants with anything else but their own species


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Jul 16, 2015
Turkeys can be bullies. Geese definitely can be bullies. Ducks and chickens can bicker. Lots of problems can crop up, and sometimes everyone gets along.

Amounts out of room you have can dictate it all. Crowded birds are more likely to be aggressive towards each other. Brooding multiple species together can leave birds confused, and you may see cross species mating.

I personally like my turkeys to have their own shed and run. They are let out to free range in the area where my chickens and ducks can go. The turkeys often chase the other species away.

I now have geese, and they chase the turkeys away. Lots of factors play into a peaceful flock.

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