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rancher hicks

11 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
I wanted to put this here since I didn't know where to put it.

I'm motivated by an un-named newsletter I receive.

It noted information on salmonellosis and that one particular, also un-named , hatchery was responsible for illness due to it's chicks and/or ducklings.

While I'm aware that we may ourselves have this disease in our flocks, I wanted to note the importance of washing our own and childrens hands after handling chicks or chickens. I like to keep a container of clorox or other disinfectant wipes near the brooder so that it's convenient for use when children come to visit and see the "baby chicks".

I was surprised to see that it was only one hatchery responsible for this out break. Certainly there was more to the article by this reporting agency but I can't type it all up here. Not to mention my arthritis is killing me.

Take care and be safe.



9 Years
Mar 20, 2010
Northern Illinois
I am a nurse so I always wash my hands anyway but..I have already trained my 3 y/o grandsons that they need to wash hands before and after chicken petting and holding. The older one washed his hands, grabbed a towel (for the chick to sit on) and sat down on the floor and said "I am ready!" He will grow up to be a good Flock Master I am sure.

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