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    May 12, 2010
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    @bamadude , no, too many people on the road yesterday, plus i think i would have had to scrap it up, he sure was a beauty tho, really nice rack
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    Well, we've got a bird inside again. This time it's Virpi, our mommy. She has not been eating properly, and has slowly been wasting away. I hope a few days inside in the heat, isolated from the chicks might get her appetite going again. She's just skin and bones by now.

    I on the other hand have a very healthy appetite. Breakfast today:
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    Sam, what was the loose pepper you sent me? We just started the chilis.

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    Should be an apache pepper, very productive bushing type, not too hot maybe on par with a good jalapeƱo.
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    Ok, thanks. Now the wait begins. Chilis take way too long to sprout... I just have to remember to keep them moist. I have a heat mat under that thing, it should stay at about 29C.

    Have you finished all the chocolate yet? Was Punky allowed to try some as well?
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    Think I have four bars left... Punky had a bit, and my boys... But I defiantly ate the majority...
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    Jul 10, 2014

    Ok...They had separate experiences due to their age differences. However, they shared alot of experiences, they just had a different point of view of each shared experience.

    The beginning of our tour of Yuma and towards the end of our tour of Yuma brought me to take them both around together for shared experiences where they both might have the same outlook, where the younger was not put in the dryer by the older or the younger locking the older out of the house.

    Their first shared experience at that Base. I left the older (Starting high school) to babysit the younger ( starting Kindergarten) while I went to the commissary. I returned home to have the younger meet Me at the door crying to me his older brother sawed his bed in half saying, hey Kid want to see a magic trick. I phoned the base leaving a message for my husband as to what HIS SON did. For four years my husband would find trick notes stuck on his door and desk...hurry home, YOUR son has sawed the garage door in half, the diningroom table in half.. You get the picture.

    Towards the end of 4 long years there I realized they needed better memories when I was with the Dean of the college where I taught and Security ran through to jump in their very slow golf carts to go after those hooligans tearing through campus on a motor cycle with a side car. No, I said it can not be mine! They were MY boys. I jumped in my car and beat them home! Standing in the drive way as they drove up laughing about those rentacops. Younger said he MADE me go with him because he is babysitting me. The older saying YOU begged me to take YOU there and tear up the fields!

    They needed better shared memories. I did my best the last several months so they would have the same point of view to throw my hands up in the air. I give up. I got a call the week of Senior Prom in the Spring. I had to negociate so my older could attend. He got himself suspended for drag racing down the back corridor of the school. The younger was receiving awards for his work at the Spring county fair at about the same time. They needed joint memories that were better. Took them to Las Vegas, later took them camping without my hubby and the older got to return home alive. He got the younger to set fire to their marshmallows and tossed into the trees where they dripped down on the tent, table and grounds all around, for as far as they could fling, drawing every wild animal within miles to come to the sweet smell of melted dripping sugar. After breaking camp, and getting into the car, I sat there picking leaves and dirt glued on with melted marshmallows from my shoes and I saw the Ranger heading our way. I pretended not to see him and left. I know he was glad to see us go. I knew they needed shared memories with close to the same point of view. That morning the older taught the younger to stomp jelly and ketchup packs from the fast food olace we stopped at. A pump and munch. Problem was the car door was open and ketchup flew into the car.

    Ok, here is a mid tour of Yuma, memory of theirs. I was taking our youngest to get his 1st place award at the state capital state fair during the fall and the oldest took his buddies and skipped school and rented a boat using his dependents Id card at the Marines and Army's R&R and used their lunch money for gas to tear up lake Martinez. They needed shared memories. Shared not separate.

    Oh, there is more but that is for the book how the older survived youth and went into the military to retire and is now running a multi-billion dollar company. The younger went into the military was injured and got out at 5 years and lives with us and is learning to run the farm. The older is planning a visit this Spring. we hope and pray we survive.
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    Yep, I love everything about it up here.... except the weather... I hate the climate, just barf.

    Man hen... that is annoying. Barred chicks are supposed to be naturally sexable (read my awesome article about Dominiques, with pictures, on my blog [​IMG] ) I guess you have crazy dark roosters because it is now a mix??? I have no idea how that all works. [​IMG]

    ACK! You sold them all??? For some reason I thought that you were going to keep them.... uh, I guess in some brand new second coop that was going to fall out of the sky. [​IMG]

    I wonder why in the world that happened!! [​IMG] I hope she gets better.
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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Jem, awesome job on the micro and tractor! :)

    minihorse, love the broody and chicks...

    Sam, glad you got your chocolate finally!

    Felix, hope Virpi pulls through... :(

    Peepshow, way to go on your chick eviction!

    Ok, can't remember anything else I read... Frozen and tired here... capacitor went out in furnace yesterday, then the thermostat crapped out last night... stayed up keeping the fire going since Jim had to work first thing this morn... got new thermostat and furnace is fixed, house is still trying to warm up...
    Oh, and still waging war on possums, am up to our 3rd adult camping under the house... I think the 1st one left a 'possum inn' sign... :/
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    just incase I havent said it enough I hate ivy.......

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