Dying Chickens--what is it and how spreadable?


Jun 25, 2016
I have had 2 chickens die in the same day and cannot seem to find exactly what it is. My worst fear is that it would spread through the whole flock. So I am wondering what is is, cures, and preventatives. Here are the symptoms:
No noticeable difference in earlier days. The one died quicker then the other. The one that I did see in the beginning stages had her back hunched and didn't want to move. Her dropping were practically water. It graduated to lying twisted and thrashing.
It DID NOT seem as there was any strange coloring or swelling on the head. NO mucus or fluid coming from the eyes or mouth.

It could literally be a hundred different things. The only way to know for sure is to send a bird to your state poultry lab for a necropsy and lab work. Otherwise it is just a guess.
Losing more than one bird in short order, it is time for the professionals.
Here's a list of poultry labs around the country.
Call and ask how they want the bird sent. They may send you a FedEx label for shipping.
I usually hand carry mine. Keep the bird refrigerated, not frozen.
I am no expert but if it were my flock I would immediately add Apple cider vinegar to the water , feed some medicated feed ASAP
Thank you for the replies. I have already frozen the one. :/ There are no more sick this morning... Hoping... I was planning to add apple cider vinegar and have previously been putting it in their water.

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