Feeling like a mom of a newborn baby human!


10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
Round Rock
My bantam baby wakes up cheeping pitifully at random points of the night. He/she won't stop until I come in and stand over their cage and "shhhhh" them.

Tonight I put one of my regular Araucana chicks in the banty cage in hopes that she would be a nice warm body for them. I had to move the banties out of the "big chick" cage because their tiny feet kept falling through the hardware cloth floor. We had a near-disaster this morning, so they will not be living on hardware cloth until their feet get bigger! Haha!

In the 2 days they lived with the "big" chicks, they got attached to having lots of warm bodies to snuggle with!
I separated my chicks into two groups today for space reasons and some of them were very upset. I almost wonder if they made friends with certain other chicks and some of those friendships got split up when I divided the crew in half. Maybe your chicks don't just miss warm bodies, but also the actual chicks themselves.

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