First of her name, mother of chickens.
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Mar 30, 2019
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Pixel 4a (Google Android) is my phone, it's not cheap, I think I paid US$350 new last summer, but it's cheaper now with their newer "6" phones coming out, and used /reconditioned are available. I replied here https://www.backyardchickens.com/th...es-stories-of-our-flock.1286630/post-25146676 it's got a feature the newer ones don't (headphone jack, I only use Bluetooth when necessary) and I really didn't want to spend $800+ on a phone but really did want a better camera. My phones before this were Motorolas in the $60-$160 range. Functioned fine as phones and web browsing but had, as you say across the water, shite cameras for anything other than optimal conditions. Even there I see a difference (it's really the software you're buying). The camera is why I ponied up the additional money: I don't want to carry around both a phone and a digital camera. I looked for the cheapest Pixel with the new camera features and a headphone jack. Also I don't want a big phone.

Tax, same shoot but didn't get the top of her head in the picture. Hazel is an ideal model, maybe a feature of being Sentinel? She stands essentially stock still as she assesses something (me taking out the phone, or maybe Bigfoot was behind me, or a Drop Bear?) :p 😆 View attachment 2910721
You’re in real trouble if there was a Drop Bear behind you! :p

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Beakbook.... :lau
Is a thing here. All the mean hens used to plot together via Beakbook. Here is my Lilly and @Aussie-Chookmum Tsuki hatching a plot from a few years ago.


May 24, 2019
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Is a thing here. All the mean hens used to plot together via Beakbook. Here is my Lilly and @Aussie-Chookmum Tsuki hatching a plot from a few years ago.
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Everyone should be very thankful I keep my chickens off beakbook.
I can see it now, Momma Hen who in a way reminds me of my late great grandmother would be shaming every hen who was not broody and insisting they get with the program. My grandmother would start in on us girls from the age 18 onward that we were not doing our jobs if she didn't have several grandbabies on the way.

My double trouble girls Blueberry and Raven would encourage all young hens who should have started laying this fall to continue to be freeloaders until spring time. They would also encourage mischief making and create games of trying to goose the rooster and give lessons on bird hunting.

And the boys, Branch, Bubba, and Basil know that there is more rooster less hens then Jaffar can handle and would offer up their services to those on the east coast.

Finally Butter would offer up suggestions on how to become a spoiled house chicken by suggesting to either get a non-life threatening injury even if you have to fake it or by waiting until winter to molt and go bald. Either way you get house privilege's and waited on hand and foot.

I tell you all I'm doing you a service by not letting them know beakbook exists.

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