Incubation Temperature Range?

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    Apr 19, 2019
    Hi guys! I'm going to be attempting my first incubation hatch starting tomorrow. I have 6 eggs arriving by mail early tomorrow morning (around 6-7am) and then I'm going to sit them big side up for about 4 hours before I put them in the incubator. I have a Janoel12 incubator and have been working on getting it calibrated for about 24 hours. Everything seems pretty close to the same, but I'm worried about the difference 1-2 degrees could make. Right now I have the thermometer which is built in to the incubator, a digital hydrometer I bought on amazon inside the incubator, and a cheap mercury thermometer inside. Just now when I compared the temperatures these were my readings:

    incubator: 37.8 C/99.5 F
    hydrometer: 38.3 C/101 F
    mercury: ~37.2-37.5 C/~99-99.5 F

    The humidity just now was at 58% according to the hydrometer, so I am not worried about that, but the temperature differences are making me a little uneasy. Do I need to be worried?
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    Check the cheapo in a glass of ice with some water. It should read 0C/32F. Then you'll know how far off it is and what your true temp is.
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    Does it have a fan?
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    your temp ranges look should definitely consider salt testing your hygrometer for accuracy. to do this, place it into a sealed container with a small cup of moistened salt. It should reach 75%. any deviation should be noted. more info on salt testing available in articles and link @WVduckchick. the janoelle 12 is a great starter incubator. It can have variations in temps in different parts of the incubator so in addition to using the turner, I also rotate the eggs to different areas every few days. the lid can be very awkward to handle especially at hatch time so good to have an extra pair of hands! i’ve found humidity is more easily controlled using cut up sponge. if too high, remove a piece or too low add. during lockdown I use an injection syringe to add water through vent hole if minor humidity adjustment is necessary but I don’t want to open lid.
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    I think you will want to get it closer to 40-45%.
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