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Nov 9, 2007
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wild rabbit?

I was very sick with a medication reaction when I brought Evil Bunny in the house to revive him after he nearly drowned. I don't recall exactly how long I had him in the house; but I think it was only a few hours. I dried him off, warm him up, gave him some homemade electrolytes; then I stuck him in a box and left him alone. I put him outside again, with his littermates, just as soon as he was perked up and moving around.

Why he decided he likes me - if jumping out of random places and scaring the bejeebers outta me can be considered "like" - I dunno. Why he is still hanging around, I dunno. Yesterday I discovered one of his siblings living in an old outbuilding, but he's minding his own bunny business. It's Evil that's hanging around all the time.

On DH's next days off we are going to use his dept. issued camera to try and get a pic of Evil out free ranging with the brahmas. Our camera lens simply doesn't have the range to catch a pic of him from so far away. It blows my mind every time I look out to that pasture to check on the brahmas and see two big ears sticking up. Chickens don't have big ears and I end up doing a double or triple take.

Evil hangs out with the brahmas full time now. I haven't caught him actually inside their coop yet, but I know he's been there. He's left *something* behind.

Only one this funny farm, only here.
All kidding aside, I've considered that. I mean where would a baby rabbit be safer than smack dab in the middle of a bunch of large chickens.

'Course the cadbury egg angle makes sense too. Hope they aren't the dark chocolate kind.
He may know that chickens will give a predator warning. He may feel safe with them.

On the other hand...he may be you secret ninja flock protector. You never know when an evil blade of grass may trip a hen.

OR....maybe scaring you and seeing you almost get whip lash from doing double takes is quite amusing to him. some entertainment is priceless.
Does it look something like this?

Or maybe this?

These two were in my backyard the other night. I took the pictures from my kitchen window. There was another but it was a little farther out so I couldn't get a good pic. I guess now I know why the feed pans are always emtpy
And you thought the wild birds were bad!
Yeah, except Evil is smaller; roughly 3 weeks old now. DH wants me to change his name to Zombie, since I brought him back from the dead, but Evil suits him. I think he's related to Imp.

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