Live Webcam! 6/7 hatched, camera on brooder now

Yeah, it did!! These were shipped eggs, and had kind of weird air cells. Just before lockdown, I candled them, drew roughly on the egg where the air cell was so that I could make sure that was pointing up.

Two of the eggs have pipped, and neither pipped in their air cell. Weird, isn't it? The other pipped one is at the very bottom of the screen, but it's pip is almost towards the bottom, and still very tiny.

I purposely positioned these on lock down so fat end would be out so watching hatch would be easier and more convenient. The best made plans of mice and men...
I'd just be thrilled that shipped eggs were hatching. What breeds are we expecting? Their ability to overcome the malposition and air cell issues says a lot about their ancient DNA and successful survival of the fittest and so forth.

Also, is that your reflection I keep seeing on the cam?
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I can't help it, I want to see too!!! And I can see it LIVE, not on a camera, so I will. I don't care if my face gets in the way. LOL

These are all GLW from Hot2Pot. They were shipped over 2000 miles during the busiest post office week of the year. They endured being in the mail truck all day long. Then taken back to the post office because it was not the usual driver, and substitute driver forgot to deliver them. So I had to go in the next morning and pick them up. He'd already put them back on the truck, but I refused!

She shipped 12. All 12 were intact, but two started oozing within a day, so I tossed them. The other three were in an ancient incubator that threw a fit on Christmas day and went up to 106, killing my three eggs and my neighbor's three eggs. I had the remaining 7 in my Brinsea mini Advance, and when I candled before lockdown, all 7 looked like a go.

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