Marans, Cream Legbar, Bielefelder, Golden Laced Orpington, Double Silver Laced Barnevelder, Sage Egg


5 Years
Jan 14, 2018
Hey Everyone :)

We are a humane breeding program/hatchery that focuses on rare heritage breeds of chickens that lay beautiful eggs and have exquisite feathering. We breed for temperament and only the sweetest of roosters get to pass on their genetics so all of our birds are safe for children to be around.
We are NPIP certified and can ship nation wide!

None of our males are killed at birth (like they are in larger scale hatcheries) and all of our breeding groups are free to roam on individual pastures on our acreage. There are no breeding cages on our farm!

We work with the following breeds and offer all of them in the form of hatching eggs and chicks.

German Bielefelder
Double Silver Laced Barnevelder
French Black Copper Marans
Sage Eggers
Cream Legbar
Heritage Welsummers
Golden Laced Orpingtons
Ice Cream Bars
Ayam Cemani
Olandsk Dwarfs

If any of these breeds catch your eye check out our website Email is the best way to get ahold of us [email protected]

We have monthly contests/giveaways and or sales if you are a follower of ours on instagram/facebook:

instagram: @AlchemistFarm

We ship every tuesday and can ship up to 2 dz hatching eggs per shipping box for $20.
We can ship up to 20 chicks per shipping box for $45

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