March Hatch-A-Long

Stick Chicken

Aug 1, 2018
Congrats to those with babies!
Yesterday I candled the four eggs I added on the 28th and all four are fertile and alive. In a couple more days, I can check the eggs I added Sunday. So far, all's going well with a big pile of eggs waiting their turn in the incubator.


5 Years
Aug 24, 2014
Hopefully will have my first hatches in years in a few weeks!
x12 various
x2 silkies from my trio - lost 2 to a fox last year :(
x8 sablepoot

Waiting on 6 bantam orpingtons

Bought some serama eggs last year but had 0/12 hatch :( A few developed but didn't make it!

Got my old brinsea octagon 20 going again after the fan packed in... Might be worth getting some more spares. Why did they stop doing those? Seems the perfect size for a light 2 dozen hatch :(


5 Years
Sep 2, 2014
NE Ohio
Spartan22 -- Is Iceland a/k/a Freezer Camp? (sometimes known as Camp Kenmore)

For the first year our BCM rooster, Stew, was a love. Now in the Terrible Twos he's a little territorial and pushy. He charges the front door, but will eat out of your hand at the roost's backdoor. Go figure. Still have him as his chicks are stupendous (chunky) and he passes on great egg color. He also is a great guardian for our flock and, happily, the neighbors like his crowing.
You got it! I was very hesitant to send him packing to the camp since he was a $24 egg, hatched accidental roo. @less than a year he fathered over 70 chicks that paid for my Brinsea. He was verile and gorgeous but attacked my wife few times and I got kids. He attacked me but I was quick. The 4 roosters I got now were from him and were gentle as can be.


Mar 19, 2017
Down to 26 eggs from my 42. I’ve been candling since day 3, it’s day 6. I crack open all my clears. They were indeed clears. None of my Legbars were fertile, and only 6 of the 15 of the BCM eggs I got from a breeder are developing, which she said her fertility was way down, and boy was she correct.

2 of my OE are just too dark to see in, I can’t even make out the air cell, so it will be interesting!
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