Off balance little rooster


Feb 21, 2020
Need help....any ideas what could be wrong with our little guy? We hatched him...he’s a couple of months old and he’s half bantam Cochin and half bantam silkie. The other night he tore a toe nail on his right foot and we thought maybe he injured that leg but can’t tell for sure but he’s definitely off balance. When he sits down he sits with the right leg out in front of him. Also, he is eating and drinking and we have given him nutri drench and electrolytes. We had only put him and his momma back with the flock about a week ago and not sure if he has been eating regularly...however I did see him eat mealworms when I offered them outside. I don’t believe it is Mareks disease from what I’ve read. Any help would be appreciated. We brought him in last night so he can rest.
I’ve tried to attach a video but it won’t let me just photos.
Can you take a pic? Videos must be uploaded to YouTube. What are his droppings like?
His droppings are normal this is him sitting... he sits with his right leg out in front of him and that is the leg that his toe was injured on also.


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